Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Hunt: Catching Up

     I've been running away for about 3 months now, trying to keep my head low at the downtown homeless shelter. They have food and a TV, so its enough to keep my mind off things, even if it is just for a passing moment. A lot has happened, and now I have to move from place to place regularly, ducking away for the police who are looking for the man who killed his own daughter. I tried to tell my friends, my family, that there was an intruder in my house that night, but ravings about a monster made of shadow only convinces them that you are mentally unstable. Hell, maybe I am, but I gave up on trying to figure that one out a long time ago
     I go from motels, to shelters, to more motels, but no matter what that...thing still follows me. It stands in corners of the room, smiling and waiting. I've lost sleep because of the damn thing. It just stands by my bed, staring, waiting, watching, all with that damnable smile. I can't convince anyone, though. No one else can see it. They ignore it like its just...air. But it's there.
     I catch it looking at other people, sometimes, with those blank eyes. It's the same look it gave me and my daughter the night that it killed her. I tried to warn a couple that it grew interested in. It was just staring at them, and I had to say something. I walked up to them, told them they should be careful, that somebody was prowling the streets and it was dangerous, but the man just yelled and threatened to call the cops because I upset the woman. I backed off. There wasn't anything I could do. I tried to warn them, but I can't go to jail,until I could get proof that it was the thing that killed my daughter. A couple of days later I find a news report detailing how they were found dead in their apartment.
     Sometimes, I think it tries to talk to me. I see the teeth between its mouth part as it eyes continuously beat away at my psyche. I REFUSE to listen to the thing that murdered my daughter, that ran me out of my house, that ruined my life! I don't understand why it just doesn't kill me already.

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